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Pet Sitter Bible Challenge!

As we begin a new year, still in the midst of the same struggles that continued from last year, I am challenged and convicted by the Lord to stop dreaming about what could be doing and DO.  Produce. Interact however that looks right now. So...buckle up! I will be coming at you with multiple opportunities for you, your kids, and your families to grow in wisdom, faith, and friendship in 2021. First off, I need your help…pet sitting. 

That’s right! I have lots of pets (stuffed animals) and can’t possibly take care of them all on my own. These animals don’t eat regular food...instead, they need a daily dose of God’s Word to stay healthy and strong. That’s where you come in...our Pet Sitter Bible Challenge

Your child may choose an animal to “pet sit” for me for one month. Your pet will come with a carrier, birth certificate, and care calendar. Each day, after you read your Bible to your pet, put an “X” on that day on the calendar. You may use the Bible reading plan included, read from your own Bible storybook, whatever preferred method you choose. Parents OR kids can read aloud  to the pet, but the child must be present and involved. After one month, your child can turn in  the completed calendar with a parent signature and the animal to receive a prize and choose a  new animal to continue the pet sitting challenge. 

Pet Sitting starts THIS SUNDAY, January 10! Pets can be checked out from Mrs. Sara after  church in the auditorium for those present. You may also swing by the church Sunday evening  from 3-4 p.m. to check out a pet at Door 5. 

I hope that this challenge will help you and your children get into the habit of reading the Bible frequently and ignite a fresh love for His Word. Please use these animals for this purpose. I also encourage you to share photos of your child with their pet on social media with #petsitterbiblechallenge, and follow Village Kidz and FBC at the Village on Facebook. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at . 

Blessings and Happy Reading, 
Sara Hughes 
Village Kidz Ministry 
FBC at the Village


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